[52 Fix-Up] The Red Hood #1

The Red Hood #1
“Best Served Cold”

By Quinn Hopkins

Page One

1/ A young Jason (red hair) stealing the tires from the Bat-Mobile and Batman catching him doing it.

CAPTION: Jason Todd. Orphan.

CAPTION: Bruce Wayne. Batman.

2/ In the Bat-Cave, Batman (sans cowl) in the middle of training Jason.

CAPTION: A new world.

3/ Jason as Robin–his hair now black, except for a single red streak.

CAPTION: A new way.


4/ The Joker swinging a bloody crowbar, from Jason’s POV. Black and White, except for the blood and Joker’s green hair.

CAPTION: The Joker.

5/ Batman cradling Jason’s body.

CAPTION: A Death in the Family.

6/ Black.

Page Two

1/ Green.


2/ Jason rising up from the Lazarus Pit, as if waking from a nightmare. Ra’s al Ghul and Talia stand over him, looking down.

Jason’s hair is now back to red, but the previous streak is now Lazarus green.

CAPTION: Rebirth.

3/ Jason training with Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Directly mimics the panel of him training with Bruce.

CAPTION: A new life.

4/ Ra’s sitting on a throne. Talia is to his left. Jason, in LoA gear, to his right.

CAPTION: His Red Right Hand.

5/ Talia pushes Jason off a cliff’s edge. Her words/speech balloon follows him as he falls.

TALIA: Remember.

6/ Jason, in his gear from Under the Hood, looks up at the Gotham skyline from the river’s edge/harbor.

CAPTION: Gotham.

Page Three

1/ Jason, beating the Joker with a crowbar. Again, the panel is in black and white, except for the red of Jason’s hood/helmet and the blood, and the green of The Joker’s hair and Jason’s eyes.

CAPTION: Revenge.

2/ Crime Alley. Batman punches Jason to the ground, cop lights in the background getting nearer.

CAPTION: Retribution.

3/ Jason and Sasha from Morrison’s arc, staring down Batman (Grayson) and Robin (Damian).

CAPTION: Return.

4/ Close-up: A letter being held in Batman’s hand (his thumb beneath the last words). The letter reads: “To Batman, I leave the Joker. Sincerely, Jason.”

CAPTION: Resignation.

5/ Jason in his new costume, riding on a motorcycle on a long stretch of highway in Mexico.

CAPTION: Reboot.

6/ A series of photos being taken by Jason of a priest with a young boy as they enter a cathedral.

CAPTION: Redefine.

Page Four

A figure in monk’s robes–the hood is red, as are his slightly visible boots–standing in front of the Cathedral doors. He’s in the middle of posting up a wanted sign of the priest (Wanted: Dead, not Alive)–a la Martin Luther.


The Red Hood
“Best Served Cold”

Page Five

1/ Interior of cathedral. Priest is in the middle of a prayer. We see the church from behind the pew (from over the priest’s shoulder). Three knocks at the door interrupt him mid-speech.

PRIEST: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in–

SFX: Knock kock knock!

2/ The front doors swing open. A silhouetted figure in robes and a hood stands in the open doorway, the sun shining in from behind him.

PRIEST: –peace…

3/ The doors close behind him. We see the figure is wearing priestly robes, his face covered by the hood.

4/ Close up on red combat boots (like the Pope’s red slippers, yo).

5/ Close up: we see the lower half of the figure’s face. He’s smirking. His left hand is at his hood, readying to remove it.

6/ Close up: from his right sleeve, the tip of a red gun emerges.

Page Six and Seven

Double-page spread.

1/ The Red Hood stands revealed. Between his helmet and the priestly robes, it’s as if the Devil just entered the church. His right hand is raised, ruby red gun in hand, aimed at the priest.

SFX: Click


2/ Jason pulls the trigger.

SFX: Blam!

3/ Close up of priest’s face, a bullet hole in-between his eyes. His eyes are rolling back. Behind him a stained glass window of the Virgin Mary and Christ shatters.

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