[52nu] Bat-Manga!

By Quinn Hopkins

The Band:

– JIRO OSAMU: Batman Japan. Manga shop owner. Former student of crime-fighter Mr. Unknown.

– DAISUKE YAGAMI: Jiro’s best friend since childhood, and the only one who knows he’s Batman Japan.

–  MISAKI HASEGAWA: Jiro’s ex-girlfriend and the daughter of his former sensei, Mr. Unknown. Attending The University of Tokyo.

– CASSANDRA WU SONG-CAIN: Black Bat, daughter of the world’s deadliest assassins, and a former Batgirl.

– STEPHANIE BROWN: Gold Bat, daughter of unrepentant criminal, and (also) a former Batgirl.

– HIRO OKAMURA: Thirteen year-old genius, engineering professor at the University of Tokyo.

– VINCENTE BARBOSA: The Crow, a Japanese-Brazilian entrepreneur with a love for industrial espionage.

– KAKALINA “KITTY” KATO: Beckoning Cat, a Japanese pop star turned vigilante, and twin-sister of the villainous Forked Cat (Tabby Kato).

– MR. MUJINA: No Face (“the Japanese Clayface”) is a faceless pimp who prostitutes pieces of himself, The Claydolls; he is protected by his golem, Dogu.

– KAPIKA “TABBY” KATO: Forked Cat, the undead sister of Kitty Kato; loyal devotee of the undying Lord Death Man.

RASHOMON: A baby orphaned at a playground near the remnants of Kyoto’s ancient gate, Rashomon, channels the psychical energies of every corpse and unwanted baby ever abandoned at the gate.

– RED CLAW: Red Claw, wealthy heiress, and Japan’s #1 assassin.

– BRUSHOGUN: Brushogun, a man with the ability to paint things into life via his ink-brush spear, Irezumi.


The Beats:

Welcome to Japan, Batman. You wont’ survive the experience.

 – Zaibatsu (aka Most-Excellent Super-Bat)

The symbol of the Bat has taken hold of Japan, and not everyone is happy about that.

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