[52nu] Pennyw¢rth

By Quinn Hopkins

ALFRED PENNYWORTH: Alfred Pennyworth, a.k.a. Alfred Beagle, a.k.a. The Eagle. The son of Jarvis Pennyworth, the formerly sole surviving member of the Pennyworth Fraternity, Alfred was raised, along with his brothers, as the last generation of the once most pervasive secret society in the United Kingdom.

JULIA REMARQUE: Julia Remarque, a.k.a. Pennyworth, a.k.a. The Sparrow. The biological daughter of Alfred Pennyworth and former Mademoiselle Marie, Anais Guillot, she was raised in secrecy by her uncle, Jacques Remarque, to assassinate the surviving members of Black Sol.

MADEMOISELLE MARIE: Anais Guillot, a.k.a. Marie Beagle, a.k.a. The Man. Following the death of her father, Mathieu Guillot, Anais came under the care of her godfather, MI6 Agent Jarvis Pennyworth, and was raised alongside his family. Inherited the title of Mademoiselle Marie while running missions for the French secret service. On-again-off-again relationship with Alfred Pennyworth, they share a daughter, Julia Remarque, unbeknownst to Alfred.

JACQUES REMARQUE: Jacques Remarque, a.k.a. Renfred Pennyworth, a.k.a. The Bull

WILFRED PENNYWORTH: Wilfred Pennyworth, a.k.a.  The Lion

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