[52 Fix-Up] Catwoman

Selina Kyle opens up an “acquisitions firm” in Gotham’s East End.

“Bradley, Robinson, & Kyle Acquisitions”: Selina Kyle, Holly Robinson, Kitrina Falcone, and Slam Bradley.

They are “not thieves or P.I.s; [they] just procure whatever needs procuring.” The series itself is all about Selina regaining everything she’s ever lost: edge, finesse, fun, sexuality, love, family, power, and, ultimately, freedom. Morally ambiguous agency, globetrotting adventures; Selina’s relationships with The Crow and The Blonde; her and Kitrina’s shared Falcone heritage; reunions with her sister, Maggie, and her daughter, Helena; Selina’s taking control of and uniting the Three Families in Italy; the establishment of an international thieves guild; and her eventual marriage to The Blonde.

The second season would feature Selina as a virtual queen, ruling the Italian underworld in the most self-serving way possible. When her scheme stands fully revealed, she leaves The Blonde with divorce papers, moving her cat agency/thieves guild to The Crow’s country. She assists him in the final stages of his political coup in exchange for asylum.

Eventually, The Blonde launches an all out attack against Selina’s people. Slam is gravely injured. The Blond takes Helena, accusing Selina of having taken his daughter away. Selina and her surviving cat girls go on the attack, taking the fight to Italy. Kill Bill-style, they decimate the entire Italian Mafia and it’s top lieutenants to get to The Blond. In the end Selina decides not to kill him but Kitrina does. After this Selina decides to return to Gotham with Slam and Holly. Kitrina and the Italian Catwoman stay behind, assuming control of the mafia for themselves.

– Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
– Catling (Holly Robinson)
– Kittyhawk (Kitrina Falcone)
– Slam Bradley

– Calico (Orabella Palladino)

– The Blonde
– Louisa Falcone

– Magpie (Leticia Vasco)
– The Crow (Vincente Barbosa)

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