Niki + The Dove – “Instinct”

Niki & The Dove’s “Instinct” is a cosmic pajama party on Noah’s astral ark, the wild rompus of a generation beyond space and dislocated in time, fourth dimensional imaginauts on the shores of the fifth, neon strobes and glitter glass, hair (yours and others’) whipping in your face, sweaty dark funk breaking into crisp twilight air; the tart swell of love’s tactile brush, nerves plummeting to numb sensation, heartbeats reverb across the skin of shared souls, a hail of gemstones in the heart of mythic Amazon: Hakuna Matata on MDMA and mushrooms; a lullaby to love, counting unicorns divorcing night-mares, holding out for something better and that something is now, falling up into the static abyss, the bliss of hypnotic Doing, conscious unconsciousness: an infinite and fleeting “yes,” the promise of always as forever in its utterance.

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