By Quinn Hopkins

Alan Scott, locomotive engineer/train operator, is the sole survivor of a train derailment. Moments before the crash, the train was struck with what appears to be a meteor. It is, in fact, The Starheart, an otherworldly gem containing the spiritual fragments of The Twelve Facets of Gemworld–the legendary creators of that world. The resulting explosion destroyed the Starheart, forcing the fragments to seek a new host. They chose Alan Scott. In the blink of an eye, he found himself transported to the mysterious land of Gemworld where he was discovered and rescued from the train wreckage by a young woman–who he would later discover was actually another survivor from the crash–Amy Winston, AKA Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.

Alan Scott (The Lantern)
Amy Winston (Amethyst)
Jennifer Winston (Jade)
Todd Winston (Obsidian)

“Welcome to the Jungle.”

— Ted “Wildcat” Grant

Ted Grant (Wildcat) as former Meta-Weight champion, Casino owner, and owner/host of Meta-Martial Arts Presents. His illegitimate son, Tomas Bronson Ramirez (Tomcat), arrives on the Las Vegas MMA scene looking to take the title for himself.


TED GRANT (WILDCAT): Mid-40s, former Meta-Weight Champion of the World, and owner of the WILDCAT hotel-casino.








By Quinn Hopkins

ALFRED PENNYWORTH: Alfred Pennyworth, a.k.a. Alfred Beagle, a.k.a. The Eagle. The son of Jarvis Pennyworth, the formerly sole surviving member of the Pennyworth Fraternity, Alfred was raised, along with his brothers, as the last generation of the once most pervasive secret society in the United Kingdom.

JULIA REMARQUE: Julia Remarque, a.k.a. Pennyworth, a.k.a. The Sparrow. The biological daughter of Alfred Pennyworth and former Mademoiselle Marie, Anais Guillot, she was raised in secrecy by her uncle, Jacques Remarque, to assassinate the surviving members of Black Sol.

MADEMOISELLE MARIE: Anais Guillot, a.k.a. Marie Beagle, a.k.a. The Man. Following the death of her father, Mathieu Guillot, Anais came under the care of her godfather, MI6 Agent Jarvis Pennyworth, and was raised alongside his family. Inherited the title of Mademoiselle Marie while running missions for the French secret service. On-again-off-again relationship with Alfred Pennyworth, they share a daughter, Julia Remarque, unbeknownst to Alfred.

JACQUES REMARQUE: Jacques Remarque, a.k.a. Renfred Pennyworth, a.k.a. The Bull

WILFRED PENNYWORTH: Wilfred Pennyworth, a.k.a.  The Lion

By Quinn Hopkins

The Band:

– JIRO OSAMU: Batman Japan. Manga shop owner. Former student of crime-fighter Mr. Unknown.

– DAISUKE YAGAMI: Jiro’s best friend since childhood, and the only one who knows he’s Batman Japan.

–  MISAKI HASEGAWA: Jiro’s ex-girlfriend and the daughter of his former sensei, Mr. Unknown. Attending The University of Tokyo.

– CASSANDRA WU SONG-CAIN: Black Bat, daughter of the world’s deadliest assassins, and a former Batgirl.

– STEPHANIE BROWN: Gold Bat, daughter of unrepentant criminal, and (also) a former Batgirl.

– HIRO OKAMURA: Thirteen year-old genius, engineering professor at the University of Tokyo.

– VINCENTE BARBOSA: The Crow, a Japanese-Brazilian entrepreneur with a love for industrial espionage.

– KAKALINA “KITTY” KATO: Beckoning Cat, a Japanese pop star turned vigilante, and twin-sister of the villainous Forked Cat (Tabby Kato).

– MR. MUJINA: No Face (“the Japanese Clayface”) is a faceless pimp who prostitutes pieces of himself, The Claydolls; he is protected by his golem, Dogu.

– KAPIKA “TABBY” KATO: Forked Cat, the undead sister of Kitty Kato; loyal devotee of the undying Lord Death Man.

RASHOMON: A baby orphaned at a playground near the remnants of Kyoto’s ancient gate, Rashomon, channels the psychical energies of every corpse and unwanted baby ever abandoned at the gate.

– RED CLAW: Red Claw, wealthy heiress, and Japan’s #1 assassin.

– BRUSHOGUN: Brushogun, a man with the ability to paint things into life via his ink-brush spear, Irezumi.


The Beats:

Welcome to Japan, Batman. You wont’ survive the experience.

 – Zaibatsu (aka Most-Excellent Super-Bat)

The symbol of the Bat has taken hold of Japan, and not everyone is happy about that.

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